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Standing Out In the Crowd


At HPCC You Will Enjoy...

"I could feel the presence of Yehovah Elohim (Hebrew for God) the minute I stepped into the sanctuary."
Karen B.

"I received my healing before the sermon even started - right in the middle of worship."

Daniel L.

...the celebration of the Feasts of Yehovah as given by God for all generations and practiced by the Re-Newed Testament Apostles and congregations.  History records these feasts continued until state religion began to mix in pagan practices in order to be more widely accepted in society hundreds of years after the resurrection.


These celebrations are some of the most enjoyable gatherings of our year as we participate not under a dry legal spirit, but from the Renewed Covenant position in Messiah with freedom and thanksgiving.  

Look under the playlist on our YouTube Channel for teachings we are adding that teach about Father's Feasts!

In October of 2007, God called Marc and Susan Huddleston to establish Hunters Point Celebration Center to be a place where Yehovah's glory could dwell.  Yehovah is the Hebrew pronunciation for the Name of the God of Scripture that has now been discovered in over 1,000 Hebrew Scriptures text.  Click here for more teaching CLICK HERE.

In our journey together Father has been teaching our congregation the importance of returning back to His Everlasting Covenant (Heb. 13:20-21), the restoring His Everlasting Name and the path of how to come out of Babylonian Institutions before His judgment falls upon her (Rev. 18:4).  If these are truths Father has been leading you too study as well, or you would be interested to learn more about, we invite you to join with us on line and enjoy some fellowship with us.  Shalom!  



We are a community of believers who desire to live our lives out of the reality of YHVH'S Presence - being His dwelling place.  Our services are dedicated to revelatory Scriptual teaching, prophetic worship and Spirit-led ministry.  We diligently pursue living out of relationship with God and making disciples who know God's voice and obey him.

Modeling Team Leadership

Marc and Susan Huddleston serve as the apostolic and prophetic team at HPCC and walk in relationship with our elder leadership team.

Both Marc and Susan are orginally from Lebanon and enjoy their daughter Anna, a precious gift.  God has called them both to Lebanon and has given Isaiah 29:17 to them, "In a very short time, will not Lebanon be turned into a fertile field...".  

Susan carries a strong prophetic mantle as a psalmist and has received many prophetic encounters in the Spirit. Because of this, she is a powerful revelatory teacher who doesn't just teach truth - but imparts it. The songs Set apart Spirit inspires her to write are powerful weapons in the hands of the body of Messiah for these days.

Marc carries a powerful apostolic breaker anointing that God is using to blast through the spirit of religion that has held so many back and bound from their spiritual destiny. He teaches the truth without compromise and is mightily used through prophetic dreams and dream interpretation. Father is also anointing Marc to see men delivered from sexual addictions and strongholds enabling them to set others free without condemnation.

He has published his first book, "Live Stream".  This book teaches others how to stream life and ministry from the presence of God vrs. manmade generated works and is anointed to train others in new ministry insights of  "waiting on God".  In it Marc shares many testimonies and miracles experienced on his journey.

Children and Youth

Another difference you will experience at HPCC is how involved our children are in our corporate worship.  We encourage parents to train their children in Scriptural worship expression together.  We don't believe kids have a "jr" Holy Spirit, so we value YHWH'S moving through them as well.