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"I finally found a place that teaches what Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about."
—Larry P.

Unmixed Worship: A Call to Come Out

Prophetic Watch Update: Science Save Us!

Prophetic Watch Update: I Am A.I.

Review of the Festival of Weeks/Pentecost

Shared Vision of Future Protection for the Set-Apart Ones


"This place is a refuge for the remnant!"


Why we say the Name Yehovah.
Teaching or Waiting Prayer.
The Remnant From the Book of Revelation.
Teaching on Sukkot:REJOICE!.
Is This The Time of God's Wrath?
Sabbath Life Stream : Our Blessed Hope!

Teaching on the Festivals of YHVH

Sabbath Rest
Passover: A Call To The Bride To Remember
Understanding the Mystery of the Omer Count
Serpents In Scripture
The Messiah Gives Rest
Prophetic Watch Update:
Hannukah Music
Festival of Booths Song
Waiting Prayer Music .